New Face of Facebook Mobile, Photo Interface become bigger

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Users who access Facebook from the phone often have to pause while reading the "Newsfeed" to see the photos that are not apparent because of the small thumbnail images.

Inconvenience is now only the past. As reported by PetaPixel, Facebook has just announced changes to the user interface for Facebook Mobile ( as well Facebook application on Android devices and iOS.

Facebook faces changes include thumbnails images that are now larger, up to the edge of the screen, making it easier to be viewed without having to click first. Thumbnail photos of the album size are also increase.

This view is supposedly inspired by Instagram interface that was acquired by Facebook, some time ago.

Shifting trends indicate that there are more users to access Facebook form mobile device is suppose to be the reason why Facebook needs to change the look of their mobile site interface.

With a new look, users do not get tired when looking at Newsfeed and pictures. This will be a positive influence on the ads that appear on Facebook mobile version.

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