10 Best Benchmark Application for Android phones

Friday, May 25, 2012

Are your quad-core phone really faster than the old devices that only use single-core processor? Is it true that your new tablet can be used to play games more smoothly? The answer to these questions can be obtained with benchmark software.

Benchmark software usually used to measure the performance of a device, including smart phones and table in variety of ways, from booting speed to graphic capabilities. Most of benchmark application presents measurement results in number format, so you can compare the performance of a device with other devices.

For Android platform, there are several benchmark application you can use to measure how fast your smartphone or tablet can run.

Well, here are ten best benchmark application that can be used for your Android phone or tablet. Anyway, all of them can be downloaded from Google Play for free!

Yahoo Axis : When Search Engine and Browser Combined

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yahoo introduced a new product called Yahoo Axis. This service is a combination of search engines and browser. Certainty is obtained after a number of media crews in US has received an invitation to Yahoo Axis  event. From the email was revealed, Yahoo claims this service as a new virtual world explorer tool.

Quoted from The Next Web, Thursday (05/24/2012), there are at least three excellent features offered by Yahoo Axis. That is fast, smart, rich design, connected experience and personal Home Page.

Although referred as a browser tool, but the Axis actually not really a browser, at least until now, because the form is still a extension to an existing browser, like Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. So when you download them, Yahoo Axis will only appear on the bottom right. The advantage is useful when you want to search something quickly.

No Physical Keypad in BlackBerry 10 Devices?

New BlackBerry devices with BlackBerry OS 10 will become Research in Motion's weapon to defeat dominance of Android and iOS. To compete, RIM will eliminate the physical Qwerty keypad which have always available in every BlackBerry product.

South East Asia RIM Senior Content Manager Strategy, Ben Gillenwater explains that the physical QWERTY buttons in BlackBerry device is still in demand by the market. Although RIM has also continued to release touch screen BlackBerry device.

"We will not leave physical Qwerty keypad," said Ben Gillenwater at Campus Innovation Center in Bandung, Indonesia, on Tuesday (05/22/2012).

Samsung Galaxy S III will be 2012 Most Popular Smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy S III is claimed by Samsung executives have been ordered as many as 9 million units. If this actual figures is true, then that sale makes Galaxy S III as the most popular smartphone this year. Vodafone, one of the major operators in UK confirm that Galaxy S III is the most Android smartphones ordered. Galaxy S III will be sold in UK in early June.

"We are very pleased with consumer response to Galaxy S III. Galaxy S III is the Android device with the largest order to date," said a Vodafone spokesman quoted from TechRadar, Wednesday (05/23/2012).

Similar statements were also presented by the largest mobile phone retailer in UK, Carphone Warehouse. Many Galaxy S III units has been ordered and 800 Carphone outlet has stocked that products.

Samsung: Galaxy S III Made of Polycarbonate, Not Plastic

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III was mentioned using plastic for their body. But  Samsung denies this. They claim, Galaxy S III casing is made of polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate materials has also been used in other handsets, like HTC One X. This material, although it is basically also a plastic claimed to be stronger than regular plastic.

"Polycarbonate is used in the Galaxy S III battery cover. Polycarbonate is lightweight, solid and has been used extensively in  mobile industry," Samsung said in a statement.

"This material was chosen as the best material for Galaxy S III. Using three layers of high quality polycarbonate, the phone durability and resistance to scratches can be maximized," said Samsung.

Media according to PhoneArena, polycarbonate can indeed be hundreds of times stronger than ordinary plastic. In addition to the battery cover, Galaxy S III body construction reportedly also made​​of the same material.

Three modes Cameras Shoot at Galaxy S III

The camera became one of mainstay features of the latest Samsung smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S III. Beside have 8 mega pixel camera sensor that capable of taking pictures with crystal clear quality, there are several other features that support photography activity.

There are 3 options (modes) that offer different ways to capture each moment.

  1. Burst Shot

    Burst shot lets users take pictures up to 20 frame images continuously. Once the camera is activated, go to the camera settings menu, and select Burst Shot. Hold down "Capture" button to take pictures as much as 20 times. When the photograph was taken away as much as 20 times, the camera can no longer take pictures.

    This mode is useful when the user capture fast moving objects, such as a person who is riding a bicycle.

Samsung has blocked the Use of S Voice in other Phone

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

S Voice, the Voice command application that become superior feature of Samsung Galaxy S III had leaked and now can be used for other Android devices. However, now Samsung has blocked it. S Voice had leaked in one XDA developer forum. At the forum, there is a link to download S Voice. Because of this, almost all Android users try  S Voice on their phone.

In order to stop the spread, Samsung along with Vlingo, its technology partner company have blocked S Voice. When used in non-Samsung phone, the S Voice will only displays a message "Network error, please try again".

To use S Voice, users Samsung Galaxy S III is required to enter the necessary data for identification to use an application. However, this does not mean that other Android users can not break this application.

Samsung Galaxy S III is not just rely on Advanced Technology

Intense competition in smartphone business forced manufacturers to design products as good as possible. Modern smartphone can not just rely on hardware capabilities, but it should be designed for more "humane". This is demonstrated by Samsung new product, Galaxy S III. The phone that is equipped with quad-core processors are designed to very friendly for the users.

"The advantages of this phone is that it can detect eye movements, as long the eyes keep staring at the screen," said Yoo Young Kim, Managing Director of PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia, during the launch of Samsung Galaxy S III, on Tuesday (05/22/2012) afternoon in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Because of this technology, the phone will never sleep when the users actively looking at the screen. So it no longer depende on the setting of the time.

Microsoft: In China, Windows Phone beat iPhone

Monday, May 21, 2012

Two months after the launch of the first Windows Phone platform in China through Nokia Lumia 800C and 610C, Microsoft claims that Windows-based mobile phone sales has beat Apple iPhone sales.

As quoted from VR-Zone, Microsoft Chief Operating Officer for China Regional, Michel van der Bel said that Windows Mobile now has market share in China by 7 percent, or slightly higher than the iPhone product market share by 6 percent.

If proven true, the claim also shows that Apple is having trouble selling products in China, which is characterized by a decline in market share.

Between July to September 2011, the iPhone still control 10.4 percent market share in China. That number dropped to 7.5 percent in October-December 2011 and is now allegedly has decreased further to 6 percent.

Google Patented Their Project Glass

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Since early April, Google has showcased future smart glasses project, called Project Glass. To become part of the intellectual property company, Google already patented the design of this products.

Google try to use augmented reality technology on this product. The project, originally only a concept and then realized into real project. Google patented product in U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, Patent Full Text and Image Database through documents 1, 2 and 3.

Previously, one of the founders of Google, Sergey Brin, wearing a prototype smart sunglasses at a charity event in early April 2012.

After Brin, last time its Sebastian Thrun turn to wear that smart glasses. Founder and head of Google X is responsible for Google Project Glass. The Project Glass show off the photo results that have been taken using Google Project Glasses.

Apple is preparing Wide Screen iPhone

Friday, May 18, 2012

After remains using 3.5 inches screen for fourth generation iPhone, Apple is rumored will widen their screen on the fifth generation of iPhone.

According to information cited from Reuters, the new iPhone will have screen with diagonal size of 4 inches, or 30 percent greater than previous product. This new screen production process reportly  already begun by Apple's three partners : LG Display Co Ltd, Sharp  and Japan Display Inc.

Looking for Apple habits about the stages of prototypes production to final product, three partners are likely to received production order from Apple in early June, so the iPhone could begin the production in August.

Google Chrome will be available in iOS

In near future, the users of iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad can surf the internet using Chrome, a browser made​​ by Google that so far only available for Android-based mobile plaform. As reported by Tech Source, Apple is currently testing iOS version of Chrome browser that are created by Google.

There is still no definite information about the release date of the Chrome browser for iOS. But it is expected to be release in the near future, possibly in the second quarter of 2012.

If properly launched, Chrome will be serious rival of Safari, the browser used by Apple's mobile devices. Chrome popularity among desktop computer users surpassed other browsers, like Firefox and Safari.

New Face of Facebook Mobile, Photo Interface become bigger

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Users who access Facebook from the phone often have to pause while reading the "Newsfeed" to see the photos that are not apparent because of the small thumbnail images.

Inconvenience is now only the past. As reported by PetaPixel, Facebook has just announced changes to the user interface for Facebook Mobile (http://m.facebook.com) as well Facebook application on Android devices and iOS.

Facebook faces changes include thumbnails images that are now larger, up to the edge of the screen, making it easier to be viewed without having to click first. Thumbnail photos of the album size are also increase.

This view is supposedly inspired by Instagram interface that was acquired by Facebook, some time ago.

Shifting trends indicate that there are more users to access Facebook form mobile device is suppose to be the reason why Facebook needs to change the look of their mobile site interface.

With a new look, users do not get tired when looking at Newsfeed and pictures. This will be a positive influence on the ads that appear on Facebook mobile version.

Nokia introduced Dual SIM Card Symbian Mobile Phone

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nokia still keep producing devices with Symbian OS. Not long ago, Nokia has just released two dual SIM phones at cheap prices. It seems that Nokia does not want to give away the throne as king of the mobile phone in the world to Samsung, which just beat Nokia as the number one mobile phone company this year.

Nokia released Nokia 110 and Nokia 112. Both phones are aimed to young people and targeting the urban areas. Indeed, those two devices are not smartphone. Both devices have 1.8-inch screen, 0.3 MP VGA camera, external memory up to 32GB, Bluetooth and supports the ability of two SIM cards simultaneously (dual SIM card).

This device runs on S40 (Symbian) and comes with Nokia Browser which can compress the data to compress the data consumption.

HTC Desire C, Affordable Android with Exclusive Features

HTC has just introduced the HTC Desire C. Judging from the specifications, this new product will target middle segment, but it turns out that its was equipped with two features that are usually available in high-priced HTC smartphone.

The first expensive feature in Desire C is a Beats Audio technology that was developed by Dr. Dre. Beats Audio-based software will generate detailed audio quality and thumping bass.

Second, additional online data storage media (cloud computing) 25GB of Dropbox for 2 years. Currently, Additional 25GB of storage media Dropbox exist only in three HTC smartphones One series, which target  upper middle segment.

Apple will remove Google Maps in iOS6?

Although always compete each other, Apple has been used Google Maps and its technology as mapping and navigation software for all of their products. However, this intimacy is likely to end soon. Because Apple is rumored will remove Google Maps in Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 6.

Technology site PC World reports that Apple is likely to use their homemade map. The technology which was temporarily called the "Maps" is said to have an interface similar to Google Maps application on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Beside that, Apple's new map will be equipped with 3D display technology from C3 Technologies Apple acquired last year. Before joining Apple, C3 Technologies is under the defense and security company from Sweden, Saab AB.

Thai Government Buy 400 Thousand Android Tablet Scopad SP0712 for Education

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thai government has approved the purchase of 400 thousand units Android tablet, Scopad for education purpose. The total budget spent on the project of the procurement of tablet for education reach US $ 32.8 million.

Unlike India government that buy cheaper branded tablet, Aakash at price of $ 35, Thailand want to buy more qualified tablet to ensure that the hardware and software can support teaching and learning activities of the students.

The tablet that Thai government purchased is Scopad SP0712 that manufactured by vendors from China, Shenzen Scope. The tablet is priced U.S. $ 81 per unit, with specification of 7-inch screen, 1.2 GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory and using Android operating system 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Twitter is predicted to have a higher value than Facebook

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Although Facebook still dominate and became the most popular social networking all over the world, in the future Facebook is predicted will be shrink by Twitter. At least, according to expert analysis.

Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather, which helped transform Microsoft into a major consumer brand in 80's said that Facebook is great social network, but this sites have struggled to maintain his position.

"I look Facebook would be very easy to be replaced. Twitter will be very difficult to be replaced rather than Facebook, "said Rory Sutherland at Telegraph.

He added that Twitter has its own characteristics, for example the character limits. This limit is not owned by Facebook. The specificity of this will be interesting and unique that will last in the future and for long term.

Apple Join to Fix Foxconn Factory

Friday, May 11, 2012

Apple Inc. and its iPad suppliers, Foxconn Technology Group will jointly issued additional funds to improve the lives of employees at plants in China.  Foxconn leaders, Terry Gou did not submit detailed costs to be incurred Apple and Foxconn.

As noted in press conference in Shanghai, Gou said this improvement effort as competitive force and not just cost.

"I believe Apple sees this as competitive strength that we do together and we'll split the cost to both of us," he added.

During this time, Foxconnn myself have spent quite a lot of money to fight the perception that their factory exploiting workers.

iPad Licensee rejected $ 16 million of Apple offer

Proview Technology lawsuit against Apple related to iPad trademark continues. This time, Proview Technology rejected Apple settlement offer. Apple actually already offered a settlement payment of an indemnity of 16 million U.S. dollars. However, Proview as the licensee of iPad brand rejected.

Proview's IPAD (left) vs Apple iPad (right) 

Proview rejection was reported by news website Sina. The news comes after Proview Technology lawsuit against Apple was rejected by High Court of State of California in Santa Clara County, United States, Friday (04/05/2012) local time.

In claim that is rejected, Proview want Apple to pay 2 billion dollars. Both companies are actually asked to take peace solution. Both companies share a product called iPad. If Apple has iPad tablet, Proview has all-in-one PC called IPAD (Internet Personal Access Device) that was developed in 1998 and on sale in 2000.

Android cause a huge loss for Google in 2010

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Android mobile operating system that now has achieved  success is turn out ever have large losses. Losses occurred in every quarter throughout 2010. This was revealed in the trial between Oracle and Google in United States, Thursday (05/03/2012). In a hearing, U.S. District Judge William Alsup read a piece of data on Android financial statements provided by Google. "Android causing huge losses during the year," Alsup said aloud.

However, Alsup did not say the exact amount of such losses. Google was reluctant to reveal their financial information. Google just say, Android operating system was launched in 2007 and the first Android smartphone started shipping in 2008.

In Oracle lawsuit to Google, which has been ongoing since August 2010, Oracle accused Android software violates patents of Java computer programming language. Since its acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Oracle is now the legal owner of Java patent.

10 Top Puzzle Games in Android

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Playing Puzzle Game can make the users spent many hours in their Android Devices. So, if you are game lover, you can try this 10 interesting puzzle game that published at Mashable.com. Of course, this game is only for Android tablet and smartphone.

Here are the list of those puzzle game :

1. World of Goo

This game presents the balls to be used to build the structure. The challenge is the limited supply of goo balls, so to finish the level, players must use the ball to build up to final structure.

Facebook Messenger Have features like BlackBerry Messenger

Facebook has released Facebook Chat (Facebook Messenger) for iOS and Android smart phone. One of that application features is similar to BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) feature.

The latest update is Facebook Messenger 1.7. Beside for fellow users of smartphones, this application can be used to call Facebook friends who are online via computer. Well, one of Facebook Chat features that are similar to BBM feature is the user can see is your opponent have read your message or not. This feature can not be turned off.

While for iOS device, there is indicator that show when your friend is typing message. Though it can be used for iOS and Android, the latest features of this application can not be used for BlackBerry. "We are considering to make this feature on BlackBerry, but there is no certainty when," said Facebook spokesman quoted by ZDNet.

Thanks to the Tablet, Porn Content earned $ 1 billion

Monday, May 7, 2012

The use of smartphones and mobile devices such as tablets, predicted will give significant benefit to pornographic content business. Because, there will be many people accessing pornographic content anywhere and anytime from mobile devices.

Reports from Juniper Research says, pornographic content industry revenues projected to reach $ 1 billion in 2015. The number is increasing rapidly as more people are accessing pornographic sites from mobile devices, especially tablets.

According to Juniper Research, larger screen tablet gives a better experience than smartphone. In addition to mobile devices, wireless internet connections are getting faster also beneficial for adult content industry.

Galaxy S III : From Nature to Nature

Samsung seems want to create Galaxy S III back to nature. It's can be seen, if you touch Galaxy S III screen. When you touch the screen, the screen will be bumpy like lake surface. The waves spread out, as if revealing a variety of facilities in that smart phone. Then, you hear gurgling sound that was almost too similar to natural voice.

Samsung claim that their smartphone is inspired by nature. Not only that, some facilities purposely designed based on nature, especially the camera and sound facilities. It was created from nature, then the smart phone is also trying to care for nature.

According to Vice President of Samsung Electronics Telecommunications Europe, Jean Daniel Aysee, some of earning from the sale of Galaxy S III will be donated to World Wildlife Fund (WWF). This part of the role of these products in an effort to rescue nature.

Want to compete Siri, Samsung presents S Voice in Galaxy S III

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Doesn't want to lose to Siri (iPhone personal assistant feature), Samsung also makes similar feature called S Voice in their product. Smart feature that can detects questions and voice command will be  introduced in Samsung Galaxy S III. With this S Voice feature, the users can turn on their Samsung Galaxy simply just by saying "Hi Galaxy"

S Voice demonstration was held by Samsung during the release of Galaxy S III in London, England, Tuesday (05/03/2012), the camera feature can be activated by saying "I want to take a picture". S Voice can also be used to in weather application, calendar, and make phone calls. In fact, S Voice can also activate music player control to play songs and set the sound volume.

Galaxy S III users will get 50GB Dropbox for Free

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Samsung has announced their new smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S III in the event "Samsung Unpacked" that been held in London, England, Thursday (05/03/2012). At the same time, Samsung also announced that Galaxy S III owner will get online data storage media of 50GB for Dropbox. 50GB of data storage capacity can be used for two years for free.

At Dropbox, users can store various document files, music, video, applications and so on. Not only is stored, users can directly access and edit document files in Dropbox. This is very similar to Google Drive.

Survey : 43 Percent of Users only access the Internet from Phone

The results of survey says that 56 percent of Opera  users only access the web from mobile devices. Other results, 43 percent of non-Opera browsers users also admitted only access the web from mobile devices, like cell phones and tablet.

It means that there are a lot of respondents didn't access the internet from desktop computer or laptop and rely heavily on their browsers in mobile devices.

The survey was conducted during November 2010 to November 2011. The survey covers 34 thousand respondents in 22 countries from 4 continents. The user chooses to optimize web surfing through their mobile device.

Spotify Releases Official Application for iPad

Spotify music streaming service popularity has been rising after it was towed by social networking giant, Facebook, via Listen With features. Spotify has now released an official app that runs on new iPad offering dedicated graphics for larger screens and new navigation system.

The company also gives access Spotify application to Labirinth, Labitnth is a producer, singer and songwriter from England.

"As an artist, I love the way how music is performed softly. Artwork is really important to me, and Spotify application for iPad is present on iPad screen, "said Labirinth.

Spotify application for iPad is compatible with Airplay, so the music can be played using speaker without wires or television.

Nokia 41 MP phones is ready to be Marketed

Nokia phones that are embedded with monster camera 808 PureView will go on sale. According to the plan, in May this phone will enter two countries.

Russia and India are believed to be the two first country that can tested the ability of 808 Pureview. Nokia itself has not issued official price of Nokia 41 MP, but Italian retailers have started to pre-order at a price of 599 euros.

808 PureView have been much discussed since its carries powerful 41-megapixel camera. No doubt, its became one of the stars at Mobile World Congress earlier this year.

More Info about Facebook Messenger for iPad

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

After more focused on smartphone, Facebook is now reportedly is developing Facebook Messenger application for iPad. A number of pictures that appear on the internet confirmed the rumors. At first glance, it looks like big version of Facebook Messenger for iPhone.

Its comes with one-to-one messaging, group chatting, push notifications and the ability to see the location of your friends in map. But the info about when this apps will be release is still unclear.

Facebook dedication for iOS platform was not only limited to that application. The rumors also say that Facebook also plans to add video chat feature in  iPhone app.

Three Awesome Features of Blackberry OS 10

Research In Motion (RIM) is proud to show off their latest operating system, BlackBerry 10 (BB10) at BlackBerry World event in Orlando, United States, Tuesday (01/05/2012).

In the event, RIM demonstrated several new features in BB10. RIM CEO Thorsten Heins emphasizes the use of  operating system in terms of applications and multitasking.

At least, there are three interesting things from BB10, which is different from previous operating systems.

1. Switch applications smoothly

One of the most distinguishing thing in BB10 with previous BlackBerry operating system is the users can switch the application without go back to the main screen.

Thorsten Heins Unveils BlackBerry OS 10 in Blackberry World 2012

New Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Research In Motion (RIM), Thorsten Heins, open his first BlackBerry World event. Wearing a black suit, Heins revealed several things that had been previously anticipated, especially  BlackBerry OS 10.

"BlackBerry is all about success. BlackBerry creating success, supporting the success of BlackBerry users, because they are more productive with BlackBerry," Heins said when opening BlackBerry World 2012 event.

He said 65% of smartphone users, they use organizational tool every day. 77 million BlackBerry users also do that everyday. Blackberry is claimed Thorsten helped their user save time doing various tasks.

RIM updated Twitter for BlackBerry

Research in Motion (RIM) has launched the latest version of Twitter application for BlackBerry. The latest version ( has several bug fixes and RIM have re-activated some features that be turned off because of the bug.

Update version consists of the ability to:
1. Prevent error that usually happen each time user uses the application
2. Avoid freezing problem on Blackberry Messenger (BBM)
3. Limiting valid username character every time you create new Twitter account.
4. Reactivate Profile Location Mapping feature complete with latitude and longitude coordinates.
5. Fix the continuous loading when refresh latest tweet.

Take a Peek JoeyBra (A Bra for iPhone)

Popularity of iPhone makes a lot of people try to make the related accessories. Two students at Washington University created a unique product, the bra that can be used as iPhone container.

This product is JoeyBra, underwear that is very versatile. Beside it can be used to store your iPhone, it also can store a lot of important things such as credit cards and keys.

Bra Joey name picked by the creator because it were inspired by young kangaroo named Joey.

Change Blackberry Interface into iOS

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Application developers, HedoneDesign trying to bring iPhone interface on BlackBerry smartphones. With the application B7i they make, BlackBerry interface will be very similar to iPhone.

B7i can run on BlackBerry Bold 9650 type 9700/80/88/90, 9900/30/81, 9350/60/70 and BlackBerry Curve with BBOS 6 and BBOS 7. HedoneDesign released B7i at price $ 6.99. If you interested to download it, you can visit this link.

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