Thorsten Heins Unveils BlackBerry OS 10 in Blackberry World 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Research In Motion (RIM), Thorsten Heins, open his first BlackBerry World event. Wearing a black suit, Heins revealed several things that had been previously anticipated, especially  BlackBerry OS 10.

"BlackBerry is all about success. BlackBerry creating success, supporting the success of BlackBerry users, because they are more productive with BlackBerry," Heins said when opening BlackBerry World 2012 event.

He said 65% of smartphone users, they use organizational tool every day. 77 million BlackBerry users also do that everyday. Blackberry is claimed Thorsten helped their user save time doing various tasks.

Committed to supporting user activity, Thorsten introducing and demonstrating BlackBerry OS 10. "Whatever we do now with the BlackBerry 10 is to help simplify your life," said Thorsten.

Thorsten said that BlackBerry OS 10 will offer simpler interface, efficiency of data, more secure security and extending battery life.

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