iPad 3 Overheating Problem

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

After the third-generation of Apple iPad launching a week ago, the world was hit by iPad fever again. After some time, iPad 3 experience yellowing of the screen, now the third generation iPad is reported to have been overheated.

Users reported the heat generated by this iPad 3 reach 116 degrees Fahrenheit or about 46 degrees Celsius. Temperature that reaches 45 C is not a small problem. When compared with the operating temperature of the laptop, of course this is still not too hot. But remember, iPad 3 has very different  operation and engine compared to laptop.

Draw Something : iPhone Popular Game that generates $100,000 per day

Monday, March 19, 2012

Draw Something, one of the most popular applications (games) in Apple Store reportedly able to generate revenues no less than $100,000 per day. This application success to be number one at Apple Store for various categories.

Draw Something tops in category Top Paid, Top Free and Top Grossing. And applications can run both on iPhone and iPad. The game is actually very simple. Players guess the word by observing the images chosen by the opponent. Draw Something can be played simultaneously via online.

Although separate distance and time, players are able to send sketch each other and guess the image. According to a report from the New York Times, as many as 3,000 images have been sent by the user to Draw Something in every second.

There is problem in iPad 3 Screen

Some time ago, Apple launched the third generation of iPad. The new iPad is often referred as iPad 3, even though Apple just called it new iPad. The iPad 3 is a new generation was greatly attracted the attention of various people. Even on the first day, sales already reached 1 million units.

In the middle of the third generation iPad hype, some people who have managed to get a third-generation iPad reported have problem with the display systems. Third-generation iPad has 2048 x 1536 pixel screen resolution of Retina Display. The display reported in turn to yellow, is the popular as "Yellowgate".

Top 5 Free iPhone Applications of the Week

Sunday, March 18, 2012

This week iTunes once again released their flagship for some applications for the best free applications category. Periodically, Apple is featuring a list of applications and games that have the highest rating on iTunes Store.
And for the most popular free iPhone applications this week is as follows :

Draw Something Free : The application was made ​​by OMGPOP claimed as the #1 application in free category, paid, and word games in 40 countries. Draw Something is social drawing games. Social always identic with sharing. With this application you can share your pictures and your drawing by inviting other users.

Is there a virus on my Blackberry?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Oh, It seems there is a virus in my BlackBerry . The memory could not be detected," said a BlackBerry user. This is such complaints that frequently heard. However, what really is there a virus on your BlackBerry?

So far it seems there is no virus that infects Blackberry OS. The virus only attacks the media card (external memory) on the Blackberry. How does the virus work? At the time of the Blackberry is connected to the computer using USB cable, that's when the virus can enter the computer because Blackberry already become the usual USB storage.

The following characteristics of the memory card file that was infected with the virus:

  1. There are some files that have the same size
  2. There is a folder that seems to be lost (hidden virus) and the shortcut will appear with the same name as the folder that is hidden virus.
  3. There is a file that has more than one extension, for example: xxxx.exe.zip

Dell is ready to compete iPad in Tablet Market

When Apple release iPad, Dell try to compete it with the release of Dell Streak tablet. Unfortunately, the product failed to compete and the sale is not too good. A few days ago, Apple launched the third generation of iPad. The sales were fantastic, 1 million units in the first day. This makes Dell can't stay to do nothing. Dell still believes that there are still room to compete with Apple in Tablet market.

Dell claims that the upcoming tablet will be supported by Microsoft's new operating system Windows 8. Dell has also produced tablet based on Google's
operating system, Android .

Windows Phone Tango officially Called Refresh

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The latest update of Windows Phone was previously known code name Tango, officially called the 7.5 Refresh. This operating system offers several improvements from previous versions. It is presented directly by Stefania Duico, Head of the Division of Windows Phone in Italy.

If you view a brief history of Windows Phone, the operating system does have a variety of unique code name. Metro for the first Windows Phone, Refresh to 7.5, and Apollo for Windows Phone 8. Refresh Windows Phone 7.5 offers several improvements from the previous generation, such as the need for smaller systems. If Mango can only be used on the phone with 512 MB ​​of memory, Refresh only need 256 MB.

The Racer : The First TAG Heuer's Smartphone

A famous brand watches, TAG Heuer has prepared their first Android smartphone. This TAG Heuer new Smartphone is called "The Racer". As the name implies, this product brought the concept of race cars and priced $ 3,700. What makes The Racer so expensive and luxurious? Inspired from the shape of  Formula 1 car and GT racing make it look sophisticated.

Luxury seen in the case of materials used such as carbon fiber, titanium. As quoted from Gizmodo The Racer will use rubberized and durable casing. Unfortunately there is no specification detail of TAG Heuer The Racer. But TAG Heuer says this phone will use the latest Android OS and has 3D user interface that can be customized.

Samsung beat Apple in China

Monday, March 12, 2012

The competition between Apple and Samsung in the smartphones and tablets market are quite exciting, after some time they have problem with patent, they now compete for the market in China.

"I predict Apple will not be able to beat Samsung in the near future in China smartphone market," said Sandy Shen, Gartner analyst said to Bloomberg.

Currently the Apple iPhone's market share was only 7.5 percent of China's emerging market. Meanwhile, the rivals Samsung had market share three times larger than Apple, about 24.3 percent.

Samsung Delay Android's Ice Cream for Galaxy S II

Sunday, March 11, 2012

20 million users Samsung Galaxy S II will be disappointed. Samsung didn't fulfill promise to provide Android latest OS, Ice Cream Sandwich for Galaxy S II. The previous rumors said that Samsung will provide the latest operating system update for Galaxy S II on March 10, 2012. It is also written directly on the frequently asked questions page in Samsung Philippines site.

Quoted from engadget, Sunday (3/11/2012), Samsung quickly pulled the statement and verify updates via Twitter to said that Samsung Galaxy S II has not been established. Unfortunately, in the tweet Samsung just mention that the update is still premature and did not give definite timetable for the availability Ice Cream Sandwich for Galaxy SII.

iPhone is #1 Best Selling Phones in Japan

For the first time iPhone successfully topped the best-selling phones in Japan. This Apple product success to defeat all local brands that dominated several years before.

According to data reported by IDC Japan, in the fourth quarter iPhone controls 26.6% from total smartphones sales, more than all famous local brands such as Sharp, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Panasonic and Kyocera that were previously dominate. Sharp who always become number one was eliminated in third place with sales about 15.7%,  Fujitsu-Toshiba on second place with 18.3%.

Opera Mini now available on BlackBerry App World

Friday, March 9, 2012

Opera Mini browser finally available in BlackBerry App World store. BlackBerry users will be more convenient if they want to use this software. Before, BlackBerry users who want to use Opera Mini should download via the site. Now, the Opera has been officially put into App World. Software version that can be downloaded is Opera Mini 6.5.

Opera Mini browser is known to have several advantages compared with other browser. One very nice feature is the compress feature that make the access can be faster. Opera also expressed his happiness after finally Opera Mini can be accessed via App World.

Three Considerations why not buying iPad 3

iPad 3, the latest iPad series has launched by Apple. The new iPad has better processor, stunning screen that use HDTV technology and upgraded camera feature. However, will the new iPad that priced at $ 500 worth buying?
The answer could be yes or no. But some things may be a reason why the new iPad is not worth it to buy :

  1. No useful upgrade
    Some say do not make sense to buy every gadget with only a few additional features. And perhaps the addition of new features in iPad is not important enough compared to previous generation.

Social Network traffic reach 639 thousand GB data every minute

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The growing users of social networking and the rapid penetration of smartphones, making the data traffic explodes. It is expected to reach 639 thousand GB per minute. Yes, it can not be denied if smartphone and computer's users are more consumptive these days. According to Intel this was due to the presence of a variety of attractive platforms that release in the market.

"Traffic data in 2011 reached 639,800 GB per minute. Most are of social networking, Facebook has 277 thousand members who are logged in simultaneously," said Hary K Nugraha, Intel Director Strategic Business Development in Indonesia.

Updating her Facebook status while driving, a girl died in a crash

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Once again we are reminded, playing cell phone while driving is very dangerous. A teenage girl was not lucky were killed in a fatal accident. Taylor Sauer, a 18 year old dying on January 14 in an accident in Idaho, USA. The results of the investigation, officers concluded she was busy texting and playing her phone just before the incident occurred.

"I can’t discuss this now. Driving and facebooking is not safe! Haha."," that is the last text in her last Facebook status quoted from Huffington Post. Taylor looked underestimate the dangers of playing cell phones while driving. Shortly after the update status, her car slammed a tanker truck and died instantly.

Apple iPad 3 will be launched on March 16

A source from the Apple Store said if the latest generation iPad users will be launched on March 16, 2012. So what happen on March 7th?

March 7, 2012 will be the date when Apple iPad 3 (iPad HD) introductory event be held in United States. Nine days after the event, iPad HD will enter the market and already available to purchase.

"It's common, iPad 3 will be launched on Friday, or about 9 days after the announcement of its presence (on March 7)," said the source was quoted by 9to5Mac.

Because of the enthusiasm of the buyers, several Apple stores in London and Houston are busy preparing to welcome the Apple's latest device, iPad 3.

Apple's tradition is always like that. We can look back the release of iPad 2 in 2011. At that time, iPad 2 exhibited officially on March 2, only 9 days before the launch on March 11.

 This latest generation of iPad will be greatly anticipated by the fans. The iPad HD will feature retinal-tech screen display with a 1080p high definition (HD) resolution.

Apple App Store Reaches 25 Billion Download

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Want a proof of how iOS users really love App Store? Yesterday, Apple's App Store has reached its latest milestone as many as 25 billion downloads.

With more than 315 million iPhone, iPad and iPod touch available and more than 550.000 applications contained on the App Store, it is not surprising to see Apple's digital market has reached a huge milestone. As evidence of their appreciation to the user, Apple has provided iTunes gift card for $ 10,000 to Chunli Fu from China as the 25th downloader.

Congratulations Apple on this amazing achievement !

iPad HD : Third generation of Apple iPad

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The third of Apple iPad will released on March 7, 2012. Is it true that the third generation iPad is no longer called by number? There are a rumored that the third iPad will be named as iPad HD. So far, Apple has released the iPad, and iPad 2. If you follow the pattern of this figure, the latest iPad most likely be named iPad 3. However, reportedly there is a possibility of this new iPad will be called iPad HD.

Quoted from Apple Insider, the news was prompted by a list of items made ​​by Griffin and Belkin accessories maker in the United States. Based on the list of Best Buy stores, they already made the case for the new iPad named iPad HD.

The HD name stands for High Definition. iPad reportedly will use the latest technology Retina Display screen HD 1080p resolution. It also said will have 4G LTE connectivity.

Samsung ambitious sell 10 Million Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note become one of Samsung's Android handset flagship in the market.This South Korean vendors are ambitious to be able to sell 10 million units of the handset jumbo. Samsung has note that Galaxy Note quite successful and until today it's already sold 2 million units since its launch on last October 2011. At the end of 2012, Samsung targeted that 10 million Galaxy Note can be sold.

Reported by Afterdawn  on Sunday (03/04/2012), This 5.3 inch screen gadget is often referred to creating a new gadget category called phablet. Phablet refers to the combination of a smartphone and tablet computer.

Samsung Galaxy S III Launched April?

Friday, March 2, 2012

One of the most anticipated smartphone of 2012, Samsung Galaxy S III is reported to be released in April. Samsung was mentioned is busy preparing the launch of their new product. The news was first emerging from ZDNet Korea who claimed to have received confirmation about the time frame of Galaxy S series from Cheil Worldwide, marketing and advertising agency Samsung.
Based on the news, Samsung is going to make a massive marketing event in London, England for the Galaxy S III. This is done to welcome 2012 Olympic Games, the world sport event that will also take place in England.

Opera Launches Mobile Payment via Opera Mini

Opera Software on Tuesday (02/28/12) announced the Opera Payment Exchange (OPX) that designed to facilitate payments through Opera Mini browser. Separately Opera signed an agreement with Yandex.Money that allows mobile payment methods that use Yandex.Money. With this agreement the Opera tries to build a framework for mobile payment ecosystem.
The company said it that they will released a set of APIs, that enable content providers, publishers, and mobile billing system to access it. Thus, the Opera Mini users worldwide can use the mobile payment through Yandex.Money.

"We want to give users richer experience while using Opera Mini. So it's not just surf the internet," said Mahi de Silva, Executive Vice President at Opera Software.

He added that mobile payment is modern trend of high end mobile phone users. With OPX, then all the mobile phones users can make the payment easier. Opera Mini is a browser for mobile devices that are designed to minimize bandwidth while exploring the internet. Opera said that they had been working with InMobi SmartPay, Yandex.Money, and Bango to support OPX system. Opera OPX will be ready to use around the world on the end of 2012.

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