There is problem in iPad 3 Screen

Monday, March 19, 2012

Some time ago, Apple launched the third generation of iPad. The new iPad is often referred as iPad 3, even though Apple just called it new iPad. The iPad 3 is a new generation was greatly attracted the attention of various people. Even on the first day, sales already reached 1 million units.

In the middle of the third generation iPad hype, some people who have managed to get a third-generation iPad reported have problem with the display systems. Third-generation iPad has 2048 x 1536 pixel screen resolution of Retina Display. The display reported in turn to yellow, is the popular as "Yellowgate".

The same thing happened when Apple launched iPhone 4, the initial production, the screen looks yellow. Users were flocking to report this issue to Apple. As quoted from Fudzilla, IPhone 4S which was launched in October 2011 was also experiencing yellowgate or yellow screen. There is IPhone 4S user who report to Apple Care and get the iPhone replaced up to 6 times before get a satisfactory 4S iPhone screen.

iPad generation 3 is also receiving the same problem. Its high-resolution screen is also reported to yellowing. Some sources report that not all  iPad screens have Yellowgate

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