Dell is ready to compete iPad in Tablet Market

Saturday, March 17, 2012

When Apple release iPad, Dell try to compete it with the release of Dell Streak tablet. Unfortunately, the product failed to compete and the sale is not too good. A few days ago, Apple launched the third generation of iPad. The sales were fantastic, 1 million units in the first day. This makes Dell can't stay to do nothing. Dell still believes that there are still room to compete with Apple in Tablet market.

Dell claims that the upcoming tablet will be supported by Microsoft's new operating system Windows 8. Dell has also produced tablet based on Google's
operating system, Android .

"We have a roadmap for the tablet, but we have not announced to the public. We do not think that the tablet market has been closed. We have seen a touch screen capabilities on Windows 8 beta, and we will also produce Android tablet. " said Steve Felice, Chief Commercial Officer at Dell.

Dell has stopped the production of Streak tablet due lack of market demand and strong competition with other companies such as Asustek, Samsung and Apple. Currently, Apple still dominates the tablet market. The competition is even harder when simple tablet from Amazon, Kindle Fire come out. As we know, Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire is the most popular gadget in America right now. However Dell will concentrate more on tablet business and compete with Lenovo, Apple and Hewlett-Packard.

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