Three Considerations why not buying iPad 3

Friday, March 9, 2012

iPad 3, the latest iPad series has launched by Apple. The new iPad has better processor, stunning screen that use HDTV technology and upgraded camera feature. However, will the new iPad that priced at $ 500 worth buying?
The answer could be yes or no. But some things may be a reason why the new iPad is not worth it to buy :

  1. No useful upgrade
    Some say do not make sense to buy every gadget with only a few additional features. And perhaps the addition of new features in iPad is not important enough compared to previous generation. Consumers generally don't need a tablet with HDTV technology. It's like having refrigrator with WiFi. What is on the new iPad is considered not good enough to make consumers should upgrade from the iPad 2.
  2. Tablets have not been so useful as laptop
    Tablet makes our job easier. But, tablet have not been able to replace the functionality of laptop. Even the iPad tablet have additional keyboard that can be purchased separately. Some tablet like the Asus Eee Pad Transformer also has keyboard, when connected to the tablet will make its like a laptop.With $ 500 as cheapest price of iPad 3, there is a lot of alternative to buy a laptop that can do things better.
  3. There are cheaper alternatives
    For consumers with low budget, there are a lot of cheaper alternatives that have better ability. Amazon Kindle Fire is one of them, and it only cost $ 199.
    "Kindle Fire is the biggest competitor of iPad today," said Jeff Haynes, editor in There are also many other alternatives that have same performance, but more affordable.

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