Updating her Facebook status while driving, a girl died in a crash

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Once again we are reminded, playing cell phone while driving is very dangerous. A teenage girl was not lucky were killed in a fatal accident. Taylor Sauer, a 18 year old dying on January 14 in an accident in Idaho, USA. The results of the investigation, officers concluded she was busy texting and playing her phone just before the incident occurred.

"I can’t discuss this now. Driving and facebooking is not safe! Haha."," that is the last text in her last Facebook status quoted from Huffington Post. Taylor looked underestimate the dangers of playing cell phones while driving. Shortly after the update status, her car slammed a tanker truck and died instantly.
Investigators found her at that very intense cell phone use behind the wheel. He also lost concentration and tragic accident happen.

"The text messages were both incoming and outgoing during her trip between Logan, Utah," police lieutenant Sheldon Kelley said. "In addition to the texting, there were multiple Facebook communications to and from Taylor Sauer during the minutes immediately prior to the crash."

This incident caused great sorrow to Taylor Sauer families. They also warn the other teens not to do the same. "I think she was probably (texting) to stay awake, she was probably tired, But that's not a reason to do it, and the kids think they're invincible. To them, (texting) is not distracting, they're so proficient at texting, that they don't feel it's distracted driving."  Clay Sauer (Taylor's father) said, while lamenting the fate of his beloved daughter.

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