Is there a virus on my Blackberry?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Oh, It seems there is a virus in my BlackBerry . The memory could not be detected," said a BlackBerry user. This is such complaints that frequently heard. However, what really is there a virus on your BlackBerry?

So far it seems there is no virus that infects Blackberry OS. The virus only attacks the media card (external memory) on the Blackberry. How does the virus work? At the time of the Blackberry is connected to the computer using USB cable, that's when the virus can enter the computer because Blackberry already become the usual USB storage.

The following characteristics of the memory card file that was infected with the virus:

  1. There are some files that have the same size
  2. There is a folder that seems to be lost (hidden virus) and the shortcut will appear with the same name as the folder that is hidden virus.
  3. There is a file that has more than one extension, for example:

How to delete the virus?

  1. Find a computer with anti virus always update.
  2. Connect your BlackBerry to your computer and when the pop up menu appears, select the Blackberry as a USB storage
  3. Scan the memory card in your BlackBerry by using anti-virus on your computer
  4. Sort files by size / file size and some of file that have the same size are indicated as virus is better to be removed.
  5. If there are files with the extension over more than one, immediately delete the file.
  6. The most important thing is, after the memory card is cleaned, do not copy files from computer that doesn't have antivirus in it.

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