Android & iPhone, Security Challenges in Era of Cloud

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Currently, there are a lot of company adopted Cloud Computing technology. Because of that, security threat is also rising. One of them related to popularity of mobile devices like iPhone and Android.

"Companies lose control relating to the use of personal devices. Although they knew the risks, 78% of companies we surveyed allow employees to use their personal devices for work activities," said Eva Chen, CEO of Trend Micro at  Sheraton Hotel, Taipei, Thursday (19/4/2011)

Currently, there are many employees start using Android or iPhone device. In fact it also rise higher security threat.

"We saw a 400% surge in infections in Android platform last 3 months. iPhone is also increasingly threatened. Our customer began to realize to protect the data on the device and verify that it is clean before being allowed to connect to corporate network," he added.

In the future, corporate data projected that was accessed via mobile devices will be soar. Trend Micro tried to anticipate this trend with an integrated mobile security solution named Trend Micro Mobile Security.

Trend Micro identifies two more things as a challenge in cloud era, which are rapid increase in adoption of cloud computing and the development of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), which is hack attack from certain groups.

Trend Micro anticipates threats with adequate security solutions. They will continue to develop its business with cloud security solutions.

In 2011, cloud-related businesses and Trend Micro virtual grew 131% from a year earlier. They are also a partner of security companies such as Dell, NTT America and operator Chungwa in Taipei.

"We are currently holding the largest market share in global cloud security and virtualization security business," Eva claims.

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