Red Release Dragon Sensor 6K for Epic & Scarlet

Monday, April 16, 2012

Good news for cinematographer. Cinema camera manufacturer, Red has just announced an upgrade of their products Epic and Scarlet. With this upgrade, the user may be possible to do video recording with a resolution of 6K (6,000x4,000). Dragon is a sensor that makes it super-quality recording.

Dragon feature native-stop dynamic range 15 + and 120 fps recording capability in 5K. Of course this is a significant improvement for Red's camera, especially for Scarlet who has so far only able to shoot in 4K. According to Red founder Jim Jannard, the recording will be performed at least 6K at 85 fps. He also explains that the Dragon sensor is greater than Mysterium-X sensor.

Improved quality can not be denied in cause higher costs that must be paid by consumer. There is no official announcement about the price of Scarlet. But as quoted from TheVerge, Monday (4/16/2012), the price of Epic camera reportedly priced $ 6,000. The upgrade will be released this year for Epic, and then follow by Scarlet series next year.

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