Marvel released 80 Graphic Novel in iBookStore

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Iron Man, Captain America, X-Man, and Thor are several of famous fictional Marvel superheroes. Now these figures will be available on iPad. But not in the form of games, but in the form of a graphic novel.

Last month, Marvel has announced the release of 80 graphic novels that will be provided in iBookstore. Previously, Marvel has provided their own products on Marvel Comics App for the iPad. But this time they took iBookstore to sell their graphic novel.

Marvel said they will provide the best collections of Marvel has ever had, like Spider-Man, Avengers, Captain America and X-Men. And the Marvel would add new collection every week.
Previously, Marvel Comics App for iPad is already available on Apple App Store. Every comic who downloaded is worth USD 1.99 and there are some new comics addition every week. With the Marvel entry into iBookstore, there will be another alternative for iPad user to read Marvel comics.

Marvel finally decide to enter iBookstore because tempted to market share. In the end of last year, Apple announced 180 million downloads have taken place in iBookstore.

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