Apple doesn't want to Combine Laptop and Tablet

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some computer vendors welcomed the idea of product combination between laptop and tablet. Asus already started with Transformer Prime product, as was Intel with Cove Point. However, Apple rejected that idea. Apple CEO Tim Cook said, if iPad and MacBook Air is combined, then it would kill both of them.

"Anything can be forced to combine. You can combine a toaster with a refrigerator, but that will not convenient for users," Cook said as quoted by BBC.

Of course Tim Cook refuse the idea, because sales of iPad is very good. Apple managed to sell 11.8 million iPad units, up 150 percent over the same period last year.

Although Apple says so, but Intel is serious about developing and will promote their combination of  tablet and ultrabook, Cove Point. This is a device which, when closed it will look like tablet, and when opened will be ultrabook.

For Intel, Cove Point is an evolutionary form of ultrabook. Cove Point also called as product with low power consumption (hybird), but equipped with good hardware specs.

"This is an evolution from time to time. Ultrabook was never intended for the same design," said Gary Richman, Director of Marketing for Intel's PC client  Solutions Division.

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