ZTE Want to Sell 100 Million Smartphone Unit

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

As ZTE become more success in big country like United States (U.S.), China-based company plans to increase its sales. Reported by Reuters on Tuesday (4/24/2012), the company is currently worth $ 9.3 billion, has sold 15 million smartphones last year. With the acquisition, ZTE currently ranks fourth largest handset manufacturer in the world.

Not surprisingly, ZTE is confident the company estimate could sell 50 million smartphones by the end of this year, and target sales figure could touch 100 million units in 2015.

To enrich the variety of its products, ZTE also plans to release two tiny tablet that is a combination of tablet and smartphone like Galaxy tablets at the end of this year.

Some analysts said that if ZTE want to compete  Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, one of the biggest obstacles that must be faced is brand recognition.

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