Apple founder Praise Windows Phone

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak made a statement that makes Microsoft proud. Steve Wozniak has been trying Nokia Lumia 900 that already use OS Windows Phone, and the result is not too disappointing. In an interview, Wozniak talked about how Microsoft has made an intuitive platform that is easy to use and have beautiful interface. He also called Windows Phone can not be compared with Android Tablet.

"I think Windows Phone has superior and interesting visual appearance," Wozniak said, as quoted from The Next Web, Sunday (29/04/2012).

Wozniak fascination to Windows Phone also added with his statement saying the beauty of this platform engineered by Apple people that are paid for by Microsoft.

"I suspect that Microsoft hire someone from Apple and has a role in user interface (UI) and the appearance of several key applications. I also suspect that Steve Jobs may have been incarnated in WP, because what i see and feel with this phone makes me think of many things in Apple, "she supposed.

Despite a number of compliments was made​by Wozniak, he still chose iPhone as his favorite mobile device. Not merely because he had been a part of Apple company, but  there is much more applications that available in App Store.

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