Draw Something : iPhone Popular Game that generates $100,000 per day

Monday, March 19, 2012

Draw Something, one of the most popular applications (games) in Apple Store reportedly able to generate revenues no less than $100,000 per day. This application success to be number one at Apple Store for various categories.

Draw Something tops in category Top Paid, Top Free and Top Grossing. And applications can run both on iPhone and iPad. The game is actually very simple. Players guess the word by observing the images chosen by the opponent. Draw Something can be played simultaneously via online.

Although separate distance and time, players are able to send sketch each other and guess the image. According to a report from the New York Times, as many as 3,000 images have been sent by the user to Draw Something in every second.
Draw Something has been played by more than 30 million users worldwide and approximately two billion sketches have been predictable and delivered.

Draw Something developer, OMGPOP reported able to generate six-figure income every 24 hours. Developer has previously struggled to survive for up to four years in Apple Store. OMGPOP reported now able generate revenues of approximately $ 17 million. When first created, Draw Something actually is web-based game, not mobile.

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