Samsung beat Apple in China

Monday, March 12, 2012

The competition between Apple and Samsung in the smartphones and tablets market are quite exciting, after some time they have problem with patent, they now compete for the market in China.

"I predict Apple will not be able to beat Samsung in the near future in China smartphone market," said Sandy Shen, Gartner analyst said to Bloomberg.

Currently the Apple iPhone's market share was only 7.5 percent of China's emerging market. Meanwhile, the rivals Samsung had market share three times larger than Apple, about 24.3 percent.

As quoted by The Telegraph, Samsung is currently working with 3 China's operator, while Apple only work with 2 operators. Recently, Apple has made a deal with China Telecom, but Sandy Shen added that China Telecom is China's smallest operator, thus less likely to help Apple's sales.

China's demand for the iPhone is actually quite high. There are 15 million China Mobile subscribers  has purchased iPhone. Apple is the world's largest smartphone manufacturer, but in China, Apple is only number 5. China Mobile leader has said that he would not offer iPhone until 4G version is available.

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