Social Network traffic reach 639 thousand GB data every minute

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The growing users of social networking and the rapid penetration of smartphones, making the data traffic explodes. It is expected to reach 639 thousand GB per minute. Yes, it can not be denied if smartphone and computer's users are more consumptive these days. According to Intel this was due to the presence of a variety of attractive platforms that release in the market.

"Traffic data in 2011 reached 639,800 GB per minute. Most are of social networking, Facebook has 277 thousand members who are logged in simultaneously," said Hary K Nugraha, Intel Director Strategic Business Development in Indonesia.

In addition to social networking, Hary assume the increasing device connected to the internet can also impact the growing consumption of data. Call it the presence of Google TV, Apple TV or other smart TV products.

"We expect there will be 15 billion devices connected in 2015, and 3.1 billion from Smart TV," Hary said again.

But then the challenge is to provide more powerful server to support the traffic access. For that, Intel already release their latest processor, Intel Xeon E5-2600, claimed to be suitable for the current generation of servers that provide a lot of cloud-based services.

These processors have promised not only have more powerful performance, but more efficient. "Intel is trying to answer the market demand on current trends computting cloud," said Arya Sanjaya, Business Development Manager Intel Indonesia, at the Hotel Shangri-La, Thursday.

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