Samsung ambitious sell 10 Million Galaxy Note

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Galaxy Note become one of Samsung's Android handset flagship in the market.This South Korean vendors are ambitious to be able to sell 10 million units of the handset jumbo. Samsung has note that Galaxy Note quite successful and until today it's already sold 2 million units since its launch on last October 2011. At the end of 2012, Samsung targeted that 10 million Galaxy Note can be sold.

Reported by Afterdawn  on Sunday (03/04/2012), This 5.3 inch screen gadget is often referred to creating a new gadget category called phablet. Phablet refers to the combination of a smartphone and tablet computer.

Galaxy Note is loved. "As soon as they use them, they would think it is that they need," said Yoon Hankil, Samsung's Product Strategy Executive.

Don't want to lose to Samsung, LG as the rival has also released the competitor of Galaxy Note, LG Optimus Vu. This product will have 5-inch landscape display like Galaxy Note.

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