Spotify Releases Official Application for iPad

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spotify music streaming service popularity has been rising after it was towed by social networking giant, Facebook, via Listen With features. Spotify has now released an official app that runs on new iPad offering dedicated graphics for larger screens and new navigation system.

The company also gives access Spotify application to Labirinth, Labitnth is a producer, singer and songwriter from England.

"As an artist, I love the way how music is performed softly. Artwork is really important to me, and Spotify application for iPad is present on iPad screen, "said Labirinth.

Spotify application for iPad is compatible with Airplay, so the music can be played using speaker without wires or television.

Spotify for iPad also has search feature that has been enhanced to allow users to search by playlist or artist who performed on the same screen.

Music being played can be controlled via small player located at the bottom and separated from application page. Although Spotify application is free, but it requires Spotify premium subscription.

Last month, Spotify launched Play button that allows website owners to add button on their website that contains links to songs on Spotify catalog.

This  is part of the company's plans to become the operating system for the music that can run on all digital platforms.

As quoted from the Telegraph, Spotify has about 10 million active users and 3 million paying customers, and Daniel Ek, Spotify founder, has net worth of 190 million euros.

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