Android cause a huge loss for Google in 2010

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Android mobile operating system that now has achieved  success is turn out ever have large losses. Losses occurred in every quarter throughout 2010. This was revealed in the trial between Oracle and Google in United States, Thursday (05/03/2012). In a hearing, U.S. District Judge William Alsup read a piece of data on Android financial statements provided by Google. "Android causing huge losses during the year," Alsup said aloud.

However, Alsup did not say the exact amount of such losses. Google was reluctant to reveal their financial information. Google just say, Android operating system was launched in 2007 and the first Android smartphone started shipping in 2008.

In Oracle lawsuit to Google, which has been ongoing since August 2010, Oracle accused Android software violates patents of Java computer programming language. Since its acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Oracle is now the legal owner of Java patent.

However, Google believes mobile device manufacturers and software developers of Android has the right to use Java technology. Google says, Sun Microsystems, before been bought by Oracle, had declared that Java will be open source. Thus, any software developer can use it and release source code based on it.

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