No Physical Keypad in BlackBerry 10 Devices?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New BlackBerry devices with BlackBerry OS 10 will become Research in Motion's weapon to defeat dominance of Android and iOS. To compete, RIM will eliminate the physical Qwerty keypad which have always available in every BlackBerry product.

South East Asia RIM Senior Content Manager Strategy, Ben Gillenwater explains that the physical QWERTY buttons in BlackBerry device is still in demand by the market. Although RIM has also continued to release touch screen BlackBerry device.

"We will not leave physical Qwerty keypad," said Ben Gillenwater at Campus Innovation Center in Bandung, Indonesia, on Tuesday (05/22/2012).

BlackBerry OS 10 will indeed optimal in touch screen BlackBerry device. Even the first devices who use BlackBerry  OS, BlackBerry London simply only rely on touch screen to operate, even the body is similar to Apple iPhone.

But Ben added that BlackBerry devices with BlackBerry OS 10 is not only optimal on devices with touch screen, but will also be prepared for BlackBerry device with physical Qwerty keypad.

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