10 Top Puzzle Games in Android

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Playing Puzzle Game can make the users spent many hours in their Android Devices. So, if you are game lover, you can try this 10 interesting puzzle game that published at Mashable.com. Of course, this game is only for Android tablet and smartphone.

Here are the list of those puzzle game :

1. World of Goo

This game presents the balls to be used to build the structure. The challenge is the limited supply of goo balls, so to finish the level, players must use the ball to build up to final structure.

2. Triple Town

This game is combine social game concept with three gameplay. The purpose of the game is to plant bigger tree, so player must fight with the bear who want to cut the tree.

3. Chu Chu Rocket

This game is similar to Tom and Jerry where the cat will chase the mouse all the time. Player must save the mouse and collect them into the rocket

4. Tetris

This legendary game is very popular in iOS. It is now available in Android. Unfortunately, free version of this game full with advertisement. If you purchase the paid version, the ads will disappear and there will be additional mode that can be played.

5. Slice It 

This game use drawing technique and player have to complete the missing geometric in the picture by taking other picture. This game is educationally and fun

6. Cut The Rope : Experiments

In this game, you have to cut the rope to give the green monster a food. Cut The Rope : Experiments is similar to Cut The Rope in iPhone, the game use Android touch screen feature that make the game easier to play.

7. ZooKeeper DX

This game requires players to look for similarities between the properties of one object with another object. The concept of this game is also using Match 3 genre that become more unique with bold underlined drawing style.

8. The Moron Test

The game is good to sharpen the brain by asking simple question but the answer should be explicitly demonstrated directly in the game.

9. Spy Mouse

Players must draw a path to help the mice collect cheese leads to the hiding place without being noticed by the cat.

10. Burn the Rope
Like the title, the player must burn the rope to unload each puzzle. So, Android users must tilt the device, so the fire can spread to all the ropes. Simple game that need precision.

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