iPad Licensee rejected $ 16 million of Apple offer

Friday, May 11, 2012

Proview Technology lawsuit against Apple related to iPad trademark continues. This time, Proview Technology rejected Apple settlement offer. Apple actually already offered a settlement payment of an indemnity of 16 million U.S. dollars. However, Proview as the licensee of iPad brand rejected.

Proview's IPAD (left) vs Apple iPad (right) 

Proview rejection was reported by news website Sina. The news comes after Proview Technology lawsuit against Apple was rejected by High Court of State of California in Santa Clara County, United States, Friday (04/05/2012) local time.

In claim that is rejected, Proview want Apple to pay 2 billion dollars. Both companies are actually asked to take peace solution. Both companies share a product called iPad. If Apple has iPad tablet, Proview has all-in-one PC called IPAD (Internet Personal Access Device) that was developed in 1998 and on sale in 2000.

Apple claims to have bought iPad from Proview in 2009. Apple spokeswoman, Carolyn Wu, said that at that time a company acting on behalf of Apple went to Proview in Shenzen, China, to negotiate and agree to buy iPad brand.

Apple said, Proview just want to get more money from trademark that has actually been paid. But China stated that, based on law Proview still iPad licensee in China.

In his complaint in U.S., Proview lawyers Xie Xianghui said Apple has made fraudulent action when buying the rights of iPad trademark in 2009. Apple deliberately concealed their true identity at the time, by creating a company called IP Application Development Limited which, when shortened to IPAD. Proview accused, it was done so Apple can more easily negotiate the price.

Proview itself had collapsed in 2010 due to global crisis and abandoned factories located in Shenzen, China. They even was threatened removed from stock exchange in Hong Kong.

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