10 Best Benchmark Application for Android phones

Friday, May 25, 2012

Are your quad-core phone really faster than the old devices that only use single-core processor? Is it true that your new tablet can be used to play games more smoothly? The answer to these questions can be obtained with benchmark software.

Benchmark software usually used to measure the performance of a device, including smart phones and table in variety of ways, from booting speed to graphic capabilities. Most of benchmark application presents measurement results in number format, so you can compare the performance of a device with other devices.

For Android platform, there are several benchmark application you can use to measure how fast your smartphone or tablet can run.

Well, here are ten best benchmark application that can be used for your Android phone or tablet. Anyway, all of them can be downloaded from Google Play for free!

1. Antutu Benchmark

Antutu Application Benchmark measures the performance comprehensively through testing "Memory Performance", "CPU Integer Performance", "CPU Floating Point Performance", "2D 3D Graphics Performance", "SD card reading / writing speed", and "Database I/O" .

The result is complete score of almost every aspect of your Android device. Of all the benchmarks, Antutu give the most consistent and thorough score. If you only had one chance to try one benchmark program, this application is the choice.

2. GLBenchmark

Along with the development of video game graphics that become more complex each day, Android graphics capabilities becomes more important. GLBenchmark presents a benchmark that is focused on graphics performance of OpenGL ES 2.x.

The test includes 33 different types of tests, including 3D animation, graphics performance measurement of low-level, as well as measurement capabilities at HD resolution display device. If you intend to play games on Android devices, this application must be tried.

3. CF-Bench

One more benchmark program that is able to measure the performance of CPU and I/O your Android device. CF-Bench will split the measurements from two aspects into separate categories. This application is useful for measuring changes in the performance if there is kernel update or tweaking. Scores from a variety of devices displayed on CF-Bench site for comparison with your own device.

4. Quadrant 2.0

Benchmark on Quadrant 2.0 include CPU speed measurements, I/O, and 3D graphics. This application has been circulating for years and become a standard benchmark software for Android.

5. Smartbench 2012

Want to measure the performance of multi-core processor in your Android smartphone? Smartbench 2012 is an application that is able to do so. This benchmark program runs a series of tests and give a final score of the productivity and gaming. For purposes of comparison, the score can be uploaded to Smartbench site.

6. Vellamo

This benchmark application will measure browsing time performance of your device. This software will measure network performance, JavaScript, page rendering and user experience using a series of scenarios that have become industry standards. Similar to Linpack, your score can be uploaded for comparison with other Android devices.

7. Nenamark2

Nenamark2 is graphics benchmark program that based on Open-GL ES 2.0 for mobile devices which will test the performance of graphics processing unit (GPU). With this benchmark, you can see how smoothly the latest games be able to run on your device. Measurement results is described in units of frames per second (FPS). The higher the number, the smoother the game can run.

8. Linpack

This application  will measure the performance of single and multi-threading of the embedded processor in your device. Performance is measured by how many floating point operations that can be done within one second, in units of million (Millions of floating point operations per second, or MFLOPS). Score of the device can be stored or uploaded to the site, so you can compete your device with others.

9. Speed Test

Speedtest.net site allows users to measure the speed of network. An application with similar functionality is already available for the Android platform so that you can instantly see the description of the ping, as well as download and upload speed for WiFi networks and 3G/4G connection. Speed test will connect the device to nearest server to perform the measurement.

10. Boot Benchmark

As the name implies, this application will measure how fast an Android device to complete the boot process. In addition, Boot Benchmark can also show you what process that run during start-up complete with  amount of CPU usage (utilization) for each process. All information was presented in graphical bars and pie charts.

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