Microsoft: In China, Windows Phone beat iPhone

Monday, May 21, 2012

Two months after the launch of the first Windows Phone platform in China through Nokia Lumia 800C and 610C, Microsoft claims that Windows-based mobile phone sales has beat Apple iPhone sales.

As quoted from VR-Zone, Microsoft Chief Operating Officer for China Regional, Michel van der Bel said that Windows Mobile now has market share in China by 7 percent, or slightly higher than the iPhone product market share by 6 percent.

If proven true, the claim also shows that Apple is having trouble selling products in China, which is characterized by a decline in market share.

Between July to September 2011, the iPhone still control 10.4 percent market share in China. That number dropped to 7.5 percent in October-December 2011 and is now allegedly has decreased further to 6 percent.

Compared to Microsoft Windows Phone, Apple's platform still has the advantage because of their Apple store that have a lot applications available.

The Android smartphone continues to dominate the smart phone market in China with 69 percent market share. Android application store also features a lot of applications that available for users.

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