Three modes Cameras Shoot at Galaxy S III

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The camera became one of mainstay features of the latest Samsung smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S III. Beside have 8 mega pixel camera sensor that capable of taking pictures with crystal clear quality, there are several other features that support photography activity.

There are 3 options (modes) that offer different ways to capture each moment.

  1. Burst Shot

    Burst shot lets users take pictures up to 20 frame images continuously. Once the camera is activated, go to the camera settings menu, and select Burst Shot. Hold down "Capture" button to take pictures as much as 20 times. When the photograph was taken away as much as 20 times, the camera can no longer take pictures.

    This mode is useful when the user capture fast moving objects, such as a person who is riding a bicycle.
  2. Best photo

    When users are in Shot Burst mode, there is an option to activate Best Photo mode. Best photo allows users to take frame 8 pictures without stopping. This mode will then select one best photo from 8 photo was taken.

    The best photos will be given a thumbs up sign, such as like "Like" button in Facebook
  3. Smile shot

    Smile Shot detects a smile from the face of someone who would be photographed. When the object is smiling, the camera will automatically take pictures.

    When the "Capture" is pressed, but the object has not smile, the camera will not take the pictures.

Users can choose focus of the object that will be photographed with a touch called Touch Focus. Galaxy S III also provides a macro shooting mode that allows users to record images at close range.

While for the video, Galaxy S III can record full HD 1080p resolution.

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