Samsung has blocked the Use of S Voice in other Phone

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

S Voice, the Voice command application that become superior feature of Samsung Galaxy S III had leaked and now can be used for other Android devices. However, now Samsung has blocked it. S Voice had leaked in one XDA developer forum. At the forum, there is a link to download S Voice. Because of this, almost all Android users try  S Voice on their phone.

In order to stop the spread, Samsung along with Vlingo, its technology partner company have blocked S Voice. When used in non-Samsung phone, the S Voice will only displays a message "Network error, please try again".

To use S Voice, users Samsung Galaxy S III is required to enter the necessary data for identification to use an application. However, this does not mean that other Android users can not break this application.

S Voice can also be used to display weather application, calendar, and make phone calls just by saying the name that stored in the contacts. In fact, S Voice can also activate voice control to music player to play songs and adjust the volume.

Samsung called S Voice as smart feature that understand you. With this sophisticated capability, S Voice certainly will compete Apple iPhone's Siri.

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