Google Chrome Mobile Has Problem with Patent Issues

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Google Chrome browser for mobile devices subjected to a patent lawsuit from a technology company from the United States. It is EMG Technology, a company that filed the lawsuit. EMG accused Google has violated their own navigation technology. The lawsuit filed earlier this week in eastern Texas court.

Quoted from Cnet, Friday (07/13/2012), this lawsuit seeks to scuttle Google to not distribute Google Chrome into mobile devices that are sold in U.S.

"Mobile Chrome browser directly infringe Patent 196 which is showing mobile web pages on smartphone and tablet using EMG navigation system that has been simplified and patented," a piece of EMG lawsuit content to Google.

EMG spokesperson, Elliot Gottfurcht explained, this technology allows users to navigate on the touch screen with a unique input system and manipulate the screen for zooming and scrolling.

"Samsung and Motorola smartphone and tablets use the Chrome mobile browser to navigate on mobile websites using EMG technology," he explained.

Meanwhile, Google has not commented because of this report. To note, this is not the first time EMG targeted web browser at mobile devices. EMG had also filed a lawsuit against Apple in 2008, associated with the same patent.

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