6 Most Controversial iPhone Applications

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Apple's App Store provide a lot of software that can be downloaded. Number of application in App Store is the largest compared to their competitor like Google Play or Windows Marketplace. It's not a secret anymore that Apple act strictly to applications that contain violence and adult elements. Apple also remove applications that received a lot of protests from users.

From a lot of problematic applications, Here are 6 most controversial iPhone Applications ever made.

  1. Exodus International
    This applications originally created as therapy method for homosexual to become normal again. But, this applications was accused contain some anti-gay message, so it got a lot of protests. This application is created by religious institution. Finally Apple remove this applications from Apple Store

  2. Me So Holy
    This applications made the religion as a their joke material. In this applications, users can place their own photo to be placed in the body of some sacred people from adherents of certain religion. Didn't want to take the risk, Apple finally remove this applications from Apple Store.

  3. Playboy
    At first, this adult magazine available in App Store. But since Hugh Hefner claimed that this digital applications will appear with no censor, Apple recently remove the application because that violate the company policy because have adult and sexual content.

  4. Thirdintifada
    This applications was accused have promoted violence against Israel. After received complain from Information minister of Israel, Yuli Edelstin and human rights activists, Apple finally remove this applications.

  5. I Am Rich
    In a glance, there is violation in this application. But because sold at fantastic price, around USD 999.99 without providing any benefit, of course, this application become controversial.
    With price of USD 999.99, the application was only displays a glowing red diamond image. Then at the bottom right corner there is a white button that when clicked will display the message "I'm rich, I deserve it. I'm good, healthy and successful." There is no additional function other than that.

  6. Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigrant
    Developed by Owlchemy Labs, this game take sensitive issue about immigrants. This game invite players to control a truck that full of illegal immigrants to achieve their destination country. Before there some protest occur, Apple finally remove the application from App Store.

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