Nokia Releases 3 Asha Phone without Physical Keyboard

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nokia launches three new Asha mobile phones that run with S40 operating system, ie, Asha 305, Asha 306 and Asha 311. All of them became the first S40 phone that features full touch screen. Previously, Nokia Asha series has implemented touch screen interface, but still include the "physical keyboard". Nokia targeting the youth segment who are hungry for entertainment, particularly gaming, internet, instant messaging and social networking sites.

Nokia promises users who purchase one of three new phones Asha, will get 40 free games from EA, as well as Angry Birds from Rovio. To support the internet connection, Nokia will give Nokia Browser 2.0 browser application, which is claimed to save the use of internet data up to 90% from the previous version of Nokia Browser.

Asha 305 began shipping in the second quarter of this year. While Asha 306 and new Asha 311 will be shipped in third quarter. Below are the following three specifications of the new Asha phone :

Nokia Asha 305 and Nokia Asha 306

- 3-inch WQVGA touch screen
- 2MP Camera
- Music player and FM radio
- Plug and play for easy connection to PC and data transfer
- Nokia Maps and Nokia Life (only in certain countries)

Asha 305 and Asha 306 look the same from physical form. So, what the distinguishes between two? Asha 305 has dual SIM card slots, and will be priced at 85 dollars (excluding tax).

While Asha 306, equipped with Wi-Fi features and priced at 93 dollars (excluding tax). Nokia says Asha 306 is the cheapest mobile phone from Nokia that is equipped with Wi-Fi feature.

Nokia Asha 311

- 3-inch touch screen
- Camera 3.2 MP
- 1GHz Processor
- Music player, FM radio and internet radio
- Plug and play for easy connection to PC and data transfer
- Nokia Maps and Nokia Life (only in certain countries)
- HSPA connectivity
- Wi-Fi
- Supports 3.5G network
- For sale at price of 121 U.S. dollars (excluding tax)

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